Shop is open by appointment only. We sell an assortment of artisan gifts plus unique house plants.

We also create custom orders!  


Terrarium Workshop

Come see us at our shop to build your own terrarium. All supplies are included. Contact


to set up an appointment. 

Happy Planting. 


Need Flowers

Designer choice florals, micro weddings, elopements, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, monthly subsciption, or just because...

custom orders 

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Preserved Wreaths 

Our preserved wreaths make the best one of a kind gifts. They are created with dried florals, fruits, and plant material. This is a forever gift offered in small & large 

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Resin Bouquet Preservation 

A great way to preserve your bouquet for all time! The process includes drying florals and using resin to create a work of art. 


Terrariums & Plant Design 

We love plant design. From moss walls, terrariums, plant wood mounts, to residential/commercial consultations - you name it, we will create it! 

plants in stock