Violeta's specializes in floral design in the wedding industry 

Floral Collaboration

Love Note

"We wanted something fun, colorful, and non-traditional, and Sara met our mood exactly with jewel tones, berries, and preserved pieces. Every piece was so unique and we got multiple compliments. Even the photographer noted how original and beautiful they were."

-Sarah Johnson 2019

The idea for Violeta’s began in an antique wheelbarrow. Sara had just moved to Chicago and found a passion for creating her own beautiful experiences in time, using florals and plants as her mediums. She followed that passion, went to school in Louisiana to study fine arts, and later landed in Maryland to gain a background in the wedding industry. 


Sara’s floral design experience comes straight from the source, having worked under some of the most well-known florists in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C., areas, where she learned both traditional and artisan techniques. 


Sara loves to incorporate foraged and natural elements whenever she can. After all, beauty can oftentimes come from the ashes.